Dexit introduces automatic credit card refill service

Source: Dexit

Dexit Inc., (TSX: DXT) the creator and operator of the Dexit electronic payment facilitation service for small transactions announced today that it has launched a new automatic credit card refill option for Dexit tag holders.

The automatic credit card refill option was developed to give tag holders greater certainty that their Dexit account will always have instant access to the funds they require to make purchases.

"Customers told us that having an automatic credit card refill option would make it easier and more convenient for them to use their Dexit tags," said Renah Persofsky, President and CEO of Dexit. "Since convenience is really what Dexit is all about, the automatic credit card refill option makes perfect sense."

To use the new feature, tag holders simply log in to their secure Dexit account and input their credit card details. Then, whenever the tag holder's Dexit account balance dips below $20, the credit card will automatically be charged an amount pre-authorized by the customer and the account will be immediately refilled. The pre-authorized refill amount can range from twenty dollars to $100 depending on the customer's preference.

In addition to increasing the speed with which Dexit transactions are processed, merchants can expect to see increased transaction values as a result of the introduction of the automatic credit card refill option. Preliminary research indicates that regular Dexit users are likely to increase their transactions by about 25 percent after adopting the automatic credit card refill service.

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