Fime's Stephanie El Rhomri named GlobalPlatform TEE compliance work group chair

Source: GlobalPlatform

Stephanie El Rhomri, New Services Marketing Manager at GlobalPlatform qualified laboratory and secure chip test tool provider FIME, has been appointed as the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) Compliance Work Group Chair for industry association GlobalPlatform.

The TEE is a secure area that resides in the main processor of a mobile device, such as a smart phone, and ensures that sensitive data is stored, processed and protected in a trusted environment. GlobalPlatform, the association which standardises the management of applications on secure chip technology, is working with its members to develop industry specifications that will standardise the TEE. This will offer greater security to the screen and keyboard of a mobile device, protecting against attacks and offering the secure storage of sensitive information.

Stephanie, who has contributed to GlobalPlatform activity for over five years, will lead the compliance activity. She comments: "I am delighted to be involved in the work of the GlobalPlatform TEE group. The TEE effectively and securely bridges the gap between the rich operating system and secure element. While content and service providers want the TEE to ensure that their products are deployed across different platforms successfully, they don't want to have to develop varying versions of the same application to meet the requirements of proprietary TEE environments. By standardising this space, GlobalPlatform is supporting the secure mass market deployment of mobile services."

In addition to creating and maintaining specifications, GlobalPlatform will be launching a TEE compliance programme and developing a security certification programme, which will qualify the security level of a given TEE implementation.

Christophe Colas, GlobalPlatform Device Committee Chair and Marketing Director at Trusted Logic Mobility (an affiliate of Gemalto), adds: "GlobalPlatform's work to develop a standardised TEE framework will lower the cost of advancing this technology by removing interoperability barriers and providing market certainty. As GlobalPlatform moves towards the launch of both a compliance and security certification programme, we look to the expertise and market knowledge of our members to guide activity. Stephanie's market experience and understanding of GlobalPlatform is ideal to drive this activity forward." 

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