Digital Insight implements SPF, anti-spam protocol

Source: Digital Insight

Digital Insight Corp. (Nasdaq: DGIN), the leading online banking provider, announced today it has updated its Internet name servers with information to assist client financial institutions in the reduction of both SPAM and phishing attacks.

The technology Digital Insight has chosen to implement, known as Sender Policy Framework or SPF, is designed to enable SPF-compliant Internet Service Providers to automatically authenticate incoming emails from Digital Insight hosted financial institutions. Furthermore SPF is engineered to reject messages that are not authenticated as coming from Digital Insight hosted financial institution clients, before they ever reach consumers. SPF is rapidly gaining wide acceptance since many prominent ISPs, including AOL and Microsoft, adhere to the framework. In addition, implementing SPF is considered a low-cost and high-reward measure for legitimate, high volume email senders.

Digital Insight is urging all operators of Internet name servers to implement SPF and help reduce the volume of junk email and fraudulent activity on the Internet.

"Digital Insight continues to level the playing field for client financial institutions by offering best-of-breed solutions, operations and security," said Jeff Stiefler, chairman, president and CEO for Digital Insight. "Building secure solutions into our world-class operating infrastructure provides banks and credit unions with the technological tools they need to give consumers peace of mind."

The implementation of SPF is part of Digital Insight's continuing efforts to provide comprehensive security measures designed to help client financial institutions protect their consumers.

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