Panopticon releases Java version of data visualisation software

Source: Panopticon

Panopticon Software the leading provider of visual data analysis software for real-time, CEP and historical time series data, today announced that it has released a Java Server version of its popular EX data visualization system.

The new release adds compatibility with Java servers to the existing EX product suite, which up until now supported only .NET server environments.

Panopticon EX incorporates interactive Treemaps, Heatmaps, Scatter Plots, and a wide range of other data visualization tools optimized for analysis of current and historic time series data. It is built for fast deployment throughout the enterprise, at the workgroup level or even on public websites. Users can also load historical data into cubes and analyze it across adjustable time windows and time periods or perform delta analysis.

The new EX Java Server includes connectivity to OData sources like the SAP HANA database and Netweaver OData Gateway, Kx Kdb+ and Sybase IQ column-oriented databases as well as ODBC sources including DB2, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and Oracle. The system can also handle CSV, SVG and Excel flat files and delimited text and XML sources through a web API or from disc.

The EX Java Server is supported on the Apache Tomcat Java application server with the Metro web service stack on Windows and Linux Red Hat / SUSE on x86.

Peter Simpson, Panopticon's Senior Vice President of R&D, said, "We have an on-going development process for the EX suite that is driven by customer demand. We have several clients in capital markets in particular that requested a Linux version of the Server component for the EX system. The new Java Server works with the EX Designer tool in exactly the same way as our .NET Server component; this allows business users to design their own analytical dashboards based on their unique requirements and publish them to the Server with one click."

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