DonePlus reports market data contract wins

Source: DonePlus

DonePlus Inc. a leading provider of market data outsourcing and business intelligence solutions, today announced it has signed two new outsourcing clients to join its growing portfolio of clients looking to lower administrative costs and replace existing market data software platforms.

"Hedge fund and banking managers are under great pressure to reduce costs but still maintain a high level of efficiency. We are continuously asked us to take over the entire market data administrative and invoice processing functions. Most of these firms are stuck with outdated market data software that produce ineffective reports and more staff than are truly necessary, " said John Vaughan, CEO, DonePlus Inc. "We have put together a team of market data business experts to give these managers a way to help them reduce the amount of money they have previously spent in this area while increasing the value of service they provide to support their traders and the information they give to management."

DonePlus BPO works with clients by assuming the management all major market data and exchanges and includes everything from real-time permission of data and exchanges, 24 x 7 trade support, broker and contract management, and anything else that falls under the market data umbrella. The results at both firms already indicate that BPO arrangements deliver greater business value to the client. "Those who are able to incorporate these outsourcing changes to the management of their fund are well placed to succeed - and those that continue to view BPO purely in terms of transactional processing and cost find themselves competitively challenged," says Vaughan.

By outsourcing technology-enabled business processes to Done Plus users have been able to lower costs, improve workflow quality, increase reporting accuracy, and maximize user productivity. The BPO service combined with the software solutions dramatically reduces costs. 

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