RTS takes wraps off RTD Tango Quant

Source: RTS Realtime Systems Group

RTS Realtime Systems Group (RTS), a leading global trading solutions provider, today announced the global launch of RTD Tango Quant, its first product geared toward quantitative traders.

RTD Tango QUANT provides a suite of tools for quantitative traders to design, optimize, analyze and execute their fully automated strategies within one platform. Hosted in RTS' global data centers in key financial centers around the world, the platform integrates the firm's connectivity and straight-through processing capability to more than 135 exchanges globally, making it the first quantitative offering in the industry with such a broad reach in multiple asset classes.

RTS CEO Steffen Gemuenden said: "RTD Tango QUANT is a new product designed specifically for quantitative trading groups. Our long-established RTD Tango offering has been very successful as a low latency and high frequency trading tool. Now, with RTD Tango QUANT, we're empowering traders to leverage their intellectual property with industry-leading optimization and back-testing techniques. They can bring their ideas to market quickly and manage the entire life cycle of their quantitative trading within one platform."

RTD Tango QUANT overcomes the obstacle many quantitative research groups face of having to translate code from the development environment to the trading environment. The solution gives traders sophisticated tools for building algorithmic strategies around charting and trading signals. It also incorporates Artificial Intelligence and three-dimensional visualization, as well as risk management capabilities.

RTD Tango QUANT was designed for individual and teams of quantitative traders, which represent a new category of clients for RTS. It also caters to technical analysts, proprietary trading firms, hedge funds, fund managers and commodity trading advisors. 

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