launches mobile app for on-the-spot car insurance comparisons


Anyone who's ever thought about getting a quick car insurance quote and one that can save them money could find the answer in their pocket. is launching a new mobile phone service called QuickQuote which can return your car insurance quotes in seconds.

Car insurance is still an expensive purchase with 17-20 year males paying on average £3635* for comprehensive cover. However, is making it even easier to save money by launching the first mobile phone service offering competitive car insurance quotes in seconds.

Comparing car insurance online can take, on average just under 4 minutes** but with QuickQuote customers just need to text the registration number of the car to 66800 to get the cheapest quote in seconds, saving you both time and money.

This new service will be available from 2 May 2012, meaning customers can get a quote anytime and anywhere through just the touch of a button for the cost of only £1 per text***.

QuickQuote, from, offers drivers the quickest way of getting a cheap quote and to save money when their car insurance renewal is due. It's perfect for anyone wondering if they can afford to run that dream motor that they spot at the car showroom.

The process is simple, the driver must have already used and have registered on the site, they simply text the number plate of the car that needs insured to 66800 and will text back the cheapest quote in seconds.

QuickQuote will always provide the cheapest car insurance premium available on and allows users to quickly compare car insurance on the move.

This new service offers quotes from 130 insurance providers from all in a matter of seconds. is the largest motor panel in the comparison market and can provide a wide variety of competitive quotes in seconds.

Mike Hoban, Marketing Director at, said: " revolutionised the search for car insurance 10 years ago with the launch of To follow on this success QuickQuote has been developed to provide a quick and easy process to help customers find cheaper car insurance and save them money. The time it takes to conduct a car insurance quote can be a deterrent for motorists when it comes to buying or renewing their insurance; with many choosing to simply accept their renewal price, and pay over the odds, rather than shopping around."

"The mobile phone has revolutionised the way that we shop and shopping for car insurance has simply been made easier. By using QuickQuote to its advantage drivers can shop around and get the best quotes and hopefully save a hefty packet on the cost of car insurance in the process. For new car hunters it allows them to find out the kind of car insurance premiums that they could expect on a particular type of vehicle at any place or time; even on the vehicle forecourt, helping to make the big decision a little bit easier."

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