US Dataworks profiles ACH file management software

Source: US Dataworks

US Dataworks, Inc. (UDWK.OB), a leader in payment processing solutions, today announced the launch of ClearView-X9 and ClearView-ACH, a new way to find, view, edit and compare X9 image exchange files and ACH files.

Using US Dataworks' unique cloud delivery model, viewing, editing and comparing Image Cash Letter files no longer requires an expensive software license and cumbersome software installation. Just use any Internet connection to login to ClearView-X9 or ClearView-ACH and you are good to go. In addition, ClearView-X9 are ClearView-ACH secure solutions. All image and financial files stay on your local computer or network. ClearView-X9 runs as a service over the Internet and allows you to view, edit and compare Image Cash Letter Files.

Wade Shaw, Vice President of Product Management at US Dataworks, stated, "ClearView is truly the next generation in financial file management, providing businesses with the flexibility to view, validate, edit and compare complex financial files with one-click simplicity. Our unique cloud delivery model means no software to install and gives us the ability to offer the product at a low monthly or annual subscription fee. ClearView is making a significant impact for a large number of financial professionals who do not have the budget for expensive license fees or are hindered by IT red tape in trying to get software installed."

Key Benefits

Find the X9.100 file with our File Finder process, displaying all unique fields including dollar amounts, items counts, routing and transit numbers and even test file indicators.
Compare two X9 or ACH files for differences to test and confirm changes.
View front and back of check images, as well as all file format data.
Validate to the X9.100-187 standard.
Easy to understand file structure including file, cash letter, bundle, items, and control records.
Edit, insert or delete records with one-step recalculation of totals and trailer records.
Search and replace feature for dates, routing numbers, and amounts - a must have for any payment professional.
Print/Save selected items as PDF files for easy sharing of information within your organization - useful for returned items ful for returned items and check adjustments.
One-click violation search takes you right to any problem in the file.


ClearView-X9 and ClearView-ACH is offered at a simple monthly or annual subscription fee. Each product can be purchase separately for $50 per month or $480 per year, or buy both products for $75 a month or $600 a year. All subscriptions come with automatic upgrades, access to the latest compliance changes and our white glove customer support.

The Strategy Behind ClearView

ClearView-X9 and ClearView-ACH are part of the Clearingworks payment platform. Clearingworks is a leader in cloud delivery of payment processing solutions, creating X9 files for more than 700 financial institutions. In 2011, we processed more than $120 billion dollars in newly launched cloud delivery payment platform and are trusted to process payments by some of the most respected companies in the country. We are offering ClearView product suite as a way to get to know us, our white glove service and the ease of cloud delivery of payment processing solutions.

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