FIM Bank deploys Mors software

Source: Mors

FIM Bank, a Finnish credit institution providing investment-related banking services to institutional and private investors, has implemented Mors Retail Products-module for intra-day monitoring of the position keeping, risk measurement and analysis of its treasury and banking book as a whole.

FIM Bank installed MORS Treasury Front & Middle solution in 2007 to integrate treasury and risk management into one single system. Through the MORS solution, FIM Bank follows the treasury's daily P/L, positions and interest rate risks.

In addition to treasury operation, FIM Bank also wanted to include its deposits, cash accounts and credit products (banking book) into MORS to be able to keep track of the performance for the entire bank. This was accomplished by adding the MORS Retail Products-module to the previously installed MORS solution.

With the MORS solutions, FIM bank is now able to calculate P/L, evaluate interest rate risk, and monitor cash flows for the entire banking operation, including the banking book.

Jani Kempas, Head of Treasury, FIM Bank comments: "First of all, the implementation of MORS Treasury Front & Middle solution was a surprisingly straight-forward process and allowed us to take the solution in to production at a very early stage. Adding MORS Retail Products-module into the existing implementation was executed in few days. It is a clear benefit to us to receive P/L, positions and interest rate risk figures for the whole bank from one single solution - MORS."

Mika Mustakallio, CEO, MORS Software says: "We are pleased to have delivered the MORS Retail Products-module to FIM Bank, adding value to the bank's treasury and risk management function. FIM Bank can now monitor and manage integrated treasury and banking book data regarding risks and profit for the whole bank." 

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