G Data promises protection from banking trojans

Source: G Data

Online banking fraud is causing hundreds of millions in damages worldwide, and this number is on the rise. Awareness campaigns are rendering phishing attacks less successful, but cyber criminals have already found ways to make up for this fact.

Intelligent computer malware programs called banking Trojans are the online bank robbers' recent weapon of choice. Once they have stolen the access data, these Trojans can actively interfere with the payment process and divert legitimate transactions to other accounts undetected. However, when it comes to fending off current threats, antivirus solutions only detect about 27 percent of the attacks.

Today, G Data launches its answer to banking Trojans: G Data BankGuard. This patent pending new technology offers effective and unique protection against banking Trojans, providing a detection rate of over 99%. G Data BankGuard is compatible with all antivirus solutions and will be available for £19.95 as of today.

"Antivirus solutions usually do not detect new banking Trojans until it is too late, since a corresponding signature is required for protection. This means that it is almost impossible to protect computers fully against current banking Trojans using previous security technologies," says Eddy Willems, G Data's Security Evangelist. "With G Data BankGuard we have managed to develop a product that protects bank customers from this malware in real time. Our technology is completely signature-independent and is fully integrated into the browser. Hence manipulations by banking Trojans are detected instantly and stopped automatically. G Data BankGuard is compatible with all antivirus solutions on the market and is already an integral part of the current G Data security generation 2013, as well as the consumer line up of 2012."

German engineering: how G Data BankGuard stops spy programs
Manipulations by banking Trojans take place in specific files in the random access memory. G Data BankGuard automatically detects attempted infections and replaces the compromised memory area with a safe copy. Thanks to intelligent algorithms, the application does not depend on virus signatures and thus offers effective protection even against attacks from brand new Trojans.
new Trojans.

Key features:
• Protects against all known and unknown banking Trojans
• Compatible with any security software
• Plug-in for MS Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers

System requirements
• 32 bit/64 bit: Windows 7/Vista, min. 1 GB RAM, (32 bit): Windows XP (SP2 or higher), min. 512 MB RAM

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