IPC takes hoot and holler mobile apps off-floor

Source: IPC

Today at TradeTech London, IPC Systems, Inc. introduced its Instant Trading Collaboration Suite - featuring the additions of new Unigy™ Pulse, a device, and new Unigy Pulse Mobile, an application for the Apple iPad®, to its existing line-up of Unigy-powered Pulse Enterprise and the IQ/MAX® Edge turret.

This gives trading firms multiple advanced technology and cost-effective options for hoot and intercom capabilities to all trade lifecycle participants. IPC's Instant Trading Collaboration Suite, using the Unigy platform for unified trading communications and applications, offers customers a comprehensive and flexible set of solutions to meet their growing needs for easy, fast collaboration on evermore complex deals.

"Providing a suite of instant trading collaboration products means that, for the first time, each employee in a firm has the freedom to choose the hoot and intercom device or app that best suits his or her work style and work space while at the same time allowing IT managers to have all devices and apps integrated on one system," says Michael Speranza, senior vice president, Global Product Management and Marketing, IPC. "Whether a firm is already using a legacy hoot and intercom system or just starting to explore their benefits, companies will find our Unigy-powered offerings provide a strong return on investment."

Regardless of which mix of hoot and intercom devices and apps a firm chooses, IPC's solutions allow a firm to collaborate instantly with virtual teams, improve deal decision making, increase transparency and mitigate risk, as well as simplify and accelerate communications across the enterprise and to "off-campus" locations. This can help expedite deal execution and improve customer retention.

Unigy Pulse is a new compact device, built from the ground up to support middle and back office personnel using the Unigy platform. In addition to hoot and intercom, Unigy Pulse also features TV audio and customizable speaker channels and favorites, an intuitive user interface and a flexible touch screen that is highly extensible for future applications.

Unigy Pulse Mobile is an application for the Apple iPad that allows off-floor users to have hoot and intercom capabilities wherever they are located so they can communicate with traders or o other off-floor users via the Unigy soft-client whenever there is a need to exchange information on critical transactions.

"As complex, cross-asset trades become more common, and as transparency requirements drive more direct involvement of compliance in the trading process, the need for improved collaboration tools and more seamless communication across the trade life cycle becomes critical," says Larry Tabb, founder and chief executive officer, TABB Group. "Creating a virtual team with all of these user types, regardless of their location or role, can mean improved efficiencies, faster, more accurate information, and an improved customer experience."

Advantages of Unigy Pulse and Unigy Pulse Mobile, as well as the other products in the Instant Trading Collaboration Suite, also extend to the IT organization. As core components of the Unigy platform, additional back room equipment is not needed to integrate any of the products to the system. In fact, firms using IPC's new devices and apps can eliminate large quantities of third-party equipment in the back room and at a trader's desk. This simplifies system administration and maintenance to reduce costs.

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