ETX Capital introduces Multiple Watchlists feature

Source: ETX Capital

ETX Capital today announces the launch of Multiple Watchlists a new enhancement to the ETX Capital trading platform which will help investors trade more efficiently.

The new platform functionality allows customers to create up to 10 customisable watchlists to help customers manage and monitor the markets they are most interested in. Markets can be added to multiple lists and clients can create bespoke quick ticket grids from their watchlists - allowing them to see all the dealing tickets of the markets they have placed in each watchlist on one screen.

Andrew Edwards, CEO at ETX Capital, comments: "ETX Capital has experienced considerable growth in the past couple of years which is testament to our transparency and first-rate customer service. We have one of the highest customer retention and referral rates in the market and are continually working to improve our customers' experience.

"Multiple watchlists help customers get to markets as quickly as possible so they don't miss an opportunity. They reduce clutter and noise from the screen allowing customers to concentrate on the markets they are most interested in whilst helping them to keep on top of things on the move. The launch is just the latest in a series of enhancements to our trading platform based on our ongoing dialogue with customers. Earlier this year we introduced new Trade-through Charts allowing the user to trade directly on the chart, view the mid, bid and offer price as well as the spread band directly on the chart." 

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