SIX Financial Information selects OneTick

Source: OneMarketData

OneTick Database, a single solution for capturing, storing, and performing financial analytics on historical and real-time tick by tick data, has been selected by SIX Financial Information, formerly known as SIX Telekurs, the financial data vendor that specializes in procuring, processing and distributing international financial information, to be its central, firm-wide repository for storing and running analytics on all global tick data.

OneMarketData, the founder of the OneTick suite of products, announced today that SIX Financial Information will make the OneTick Database a critical component in the re-architecture of its core market data distribution platform.

SIX Financial Information is committed to updating its existing core architecture to better gather information from all the world's major trading venues, collecting effectively every tick in the world - directly and in real-time, as the firm processes and provides structured and encoded securities administration data for more than nine million financial instruments. Throughout the Global Enterprise, SIX Financial Information will look to OneTick for enhanced data storage and analysis, relying on OneTick's efficient, scalable architecture and powerful analytical tools to collect and manage SIX Financial Information's vast amount of market data and run analytics for distribution to its client base. In addition, OneTick's proprietary compression techniques, which combine high compression with efficient retrieval, will enable SIX Financial Information to better manage and store large amounts of incoming data.

"SIX Financial Information collects data directly from hundreds of exchanges and contributors around the world. In order to stay on top of the growing amounts of information, our data platforms and systems must evolve with the times," said Thomas Gross, CEO SIX Financial Information. "OneTick is a critical part of our new architecture as it allows SIX Financial Information to keep pace with, and make sense of, the ever expanding quantity of market data that must be processed and refined for our customers."

"SIX Financial Information choosing OneTick as its global solution is a testament to OneTick's unsurpassed ability to capture, compress, and archive all market data globally," said Leonid Frants, CEO of OneMarketData. "The implementation of OneTick will enable SIX Financial Information to leverage OneTickick's powerful built-in financial for quick analysis to keep their competitive advantage in terms of both depth and coverage." 

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