SuperDerivatives launches eValueX multi-asset portfolio valuation platform

Source: SuperDerivatives

SuperDerivatives (SD), the leading derivatives benchmark and multi-asset front office solutions provider, today launched the next generation platform for on-demand derivatives revaluation, eValueX.

The powerful multi-asset platform, which is being rolled out to all SD's valuation clients at no extra cost, allows institutions to manage the entire derivatives valuation workflow from file upload to valuation retrieval. eValueX enables users to view the market data used in the calculation of each trade, including curves, dividends and volatility surfaces and connects directly to the SDX front office platform for further investigation, scenario analysis and remediation.

"Extreme market volatility and stringent compliance demands have generated a new urgency for intraday, independent valuations. Financial firms can no longer wait until end of day for these updates - real time data is vital," said Howard Tai, senior analyst, Aite Group. "Transparency and standardisation is a must-have to ensure proper management of OTC derivatives portfolios for both investors and regulators."

eValueX introduces an intuitive, user-friendly interface, which allows clients to investigate the results of valuations and their sensitivities to market data. The rich visualisation features of the platform include automated comparison tools for counterparty marks, colour-coded comparison tools for customisable tolerance levels and direct access to market data components and terms structures. eValueX runs on SD's global cloud and can support huge portfolios in real-time.

The system enhances the reconciliation process by enabling users to access their own administration system to review and correct file uploads and initiate valuation files on demand. Users that use multiple valuation sources can upload them to the system and apply the functionality of eValueX to other valuation sources as well.

Robert Casillas, Vice President of Derivatives Operations at Northern Trust comments: "The Dodd-Frank regulatory changes are putting greater demand on maintaining margins and requiring portfolio managers to re-evaluate their risk structures, and clients have been putting a higher premium on transparency from their custodians and investment managers to meet these new challenges. eValueX is a powerful tool that provides the level of trade analysis clients have been requesting. Its simple-to-run valuations compare and explain the differences analytically by looking at the models' underlying data."

Yuval Levy, SD's chief technology officer, comments: "eValueX gives market participants the control to access key data points in their portfolios throughout the trading day. The system offers practically unlimited coverage of assets and derivative products including hybrids in currencies, fixed income, credit, equities, commodities and energy and is powered by our award-winning market data and analytics. This ensures snapshots genuinely reflect the interdealer market." 

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