Portlogic launches banking kiosks

Source: Portlogic

Portlogic Systems Inc., a mobile and Internet software developer and kiosk solutions provider for electronic payments, marketing delivery and community communication systems, today announced its kiosk banking technology is now available.

"We're very pleased to be able to offer such innovative banking technology. The user-friendly kiosk automates banking transactions which we believe can only lead to cost savings and reduction of manual errors," commented Ms. Jueane Thiessen, CFO of Portlogic Systems.

Portlogic's banking kiosks enable users to complete applications for obtaining loans, a visa card, insurance products or other services, quickly and easily. Users are led through a video screen that features a Virtual Teller. The terminals can take photos, scan copies of applicants' ID and use an integrated signature panel to capture an applicant's real signature. All terminals have a printer and mailbox, allowing users to print, sign and deposit as needed. Users come back to the terminal once transactions have been approved, to collect smart and magnetic strip cards which are dispensed by the kiosk, to be used at most ATM machines. The banking kiosks also feature a telephone, which can instantly connect to customer assistance.

As companies and organizations around the world are constantly investigating new ways to leverage the recent dramatic advances in information technology, interactive kiosks are being recognized as a legitimate strategy to improve the customer experience, expand customer base, reduce labour costs, and provide easy access and information in a timely fashion. The industry association Kiosks.org has estimated that financial related self-service kiosks comprise at least 10% of the self-service market, and expected growth figures for the next few years are close to 40%.

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