Onix integrates Nodal Exchange FIX Trade Capture service

Source: Onix

Onix Solutions Limited (OnixS) and Nodal Exchange are pleased to announce that OnixS has integrated the Nodal Exchange FIX Trade Capture service, which enables straight through processing, into its multi-exchange "out-of-the-box" OnixS directConnect product solution suite.

Nodal Exchange is a commodities exchange that provides the most granular set of cleared power contracts for North America offering over 3,800 contracts. Nodal Exchange FIX Trade Capture allows market participants to automatically feed trade details into their Energy Trading Risk Management systems, greatly increasing back office efficiency and accuracy. The trade records are delivered in real-time through a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection and historic searches can be performed for audit and reconciliation purposes.

OnixS is a specialist software business providing high performance multi-platform, multi-venue Direct Market Access (DMA) market data and order routing software solutions. The OnixS directConnect solutions are multi-platform implementations of Market Data Handler, Order Routing and post-trade DropCopy/Trade Capture solutions offering a range of "out-of-the-box" DMA solutions to a wide range of exchanges and liquidity pools.

"We're very pleased that OnixS has now integrated support of Nodal Exchange into their offering for our market participants. We look forward to working with the OnixS customer base to enable straight-through trade capture for their Nodal Exchange deals," said Ann Sacra, President and Chief Operating Officer of Nodal Exchange.

Wayne Meikle, Commercial Director of OnixS said "The key benefit of the OnixS directConnect Nodal Exchange FIX Trade Capture solutions is the speed and ease of connecting to the Nodal Exchange with "out-of-the-box" C#/.NET, C++ and Java tested and maintained solutions. We're pleased to add the Nodal Exchange to our range of supported venues." 

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