actant supports LIFFE 8.0 release for Amsterdam market makers


actant announced today that it will upgrade its market-leading AQTOR software to support LIFFE release 8.0 from day one of the launch of the new platform. AQTOR is already the leading option market maker software choice of the market makers on Euronext Amsterdam on the current SWITCH platform, thanks to its exceptional speed of response, advanced scripting and simplified integration. Now, as Euronext LIFFE introduces the migration plans, actant’s customers will be ready to leverage the power of AQTOR in this new and exciting environment.

LIFFE 8.0 is the Connect trading system for futures and options which will be used following the consolidation of London, Paris, Brussels, Lisbon and Amsterdam into the single Euronext platform. Amsterdam will be the last to migrate. Actant will provide its software primarily offering real-time mass quote facilities for options market makers and liquidity providers.

Urs Rutschmann, actant CEO, announced that actant would be supporting the transition with a 60 day trial offer for all Amsterdam Market Makers new to AQTOR on their migration to LIFFE 8.0. "Liquidity is very important to this market, and many market makers are already finding out how much actant can help them provide that liquidity. We want all PMMs and CMMs to feel the benefit of the AQTOR advantage and we are confident that AQTOR can smooth the transition to the new platform."

AQTOR is a mass quote management system, installed in many of the most sophisticated dealing rooms globally, offering:
· Direct connectivity to exchanges; coupled with highly optimised modelling and quote synchronisation techniques, this makes AQTOR® highly responsive in volatile markets.
· Safety mechanisms to protect traders when markets breach tolerable thresholds.
· An easy-to-use scripting language capable of supporting sophisticated quote and volatility strategies.
· An open architecture, simplifying system integration.

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