DST combines Tass and WSAS to form market services unit

Source: DST

DST Brokerage Solutions, a DST Systems business unit committed to the development of next-generation of tools, products, and services for broker-dealers, today announced the group has combined its two sub-accounting service providers to form DST Market Services, LLC.

The new entity was created through the merger of DST TASS and Wall Street Advisor Services, and will continue to specialize in delivering mutual fund processing and sub-accounting services to help improve productivity, increase process efficiency and reduce operational risk.

DST Market Services is a registered broker-dealer, meaning it is subject to the same regulatory environment as their clients. According to Stuart Bowers, President, DST Market Services, this offers a uniquely compelling business proposition.

"Being a broker-dealer will help us sharpen our focus and delivery of services," says Mr. Bowers, "and strategically aligns our interests and values with those of our customers. We also believe that DST Market Services more accurately describes the comprehensive set of solutions we provide to our clients. We look forward to sharing our vision for DST Market Services with our customers and the financial intermediary community as we continue to invest in new tools, technology, and solutions."

DST Market Services will continue to be a leading provider of mutual fund subaccounting services that uniquely combines broker-dealer operations experience, a deep understanding of subaccounting work flow processes, and leverages DST's technology platform to deliver a complete subaccounting solution. DST Market Services is also a member of FINRA and SIPC.

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