Seamless and Extenda team on m-payments

Source: Seamless

Seamless has entered an agreement with Sweden's largest supplier of POS systems, Extenda, for mobile payments.

Both existing and new customers can now simply and smoothly allow customers to pay by mobile phone when SEQR becomes part of Extenda's standard system, and in this way circumvent card issuers' high charges.

From today onwards, all merchants with Extenda's POS system can connect to SEQR via Extenda's standard integration and enable their customers to pay by mobile phone.

"We know that retailers are awaiting a standardised solution which is easy to implement and that they do not want to invest in new technology to get mobile payments to work. Extenda is responsible for 60 percent of the common brands in the Swedish retail sector. These retail chains can now in a simple manner accept mobile payments using SEQR. This rollout of SEQR represents a great step forward for Seamless," says Emil Wikström, MD of SEQR at Seamless.

In the Seamless mobile payment solution, SEQR, consumers scan a QR code at the POS terminal to approve payments being charged to their bank or credit accounts. SEQR users can also transfer money to another mobile phone, pay bills and make online payments. The Seamless solution, for which 41 patents have been applied, enables the retail trade to avoid costly charges to card companies. 

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