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Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today introduced Adobe® Social, a new product within the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite. Adobe Social combines social publishing and engagement with monitoring, social ad buying and analytics that can attribute social activity to business results.

Adobe is giving those with social marketing responsibilities - digital marketers, community managers, customer service, public relations, ad buyers, analysts and others - a single platform to align and collaborate around the management, measurement and optimization of their social media strategies, and does so in the context of all other digital marketing efforts.

Adobe Social builds on the social media management technology Adobe acquired earlier this year as part of the Context Optional/Efficient Frontier acquisition, as well as the social media monitoring and analytics of Adobe SocialAnalytics. Adobe Social will expand this year with additional social marketing features as well as integrations with other products within the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite.

With Adobe Social, digital marketers can now accomplish the following with a single product:

Streamline and centralize publishing across social platforms
Automate targeting and personalization of content and experiences in social applications and across social platforms
Seamlessly integrate Sponsored Story ad creation within the publishing workflow to maximize the reach of important content and campaigns
Monitor and moderate conversations both within your communities and anywhere it happens on the social Web
Import analytics data from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, blogs and other social platforms into Adobe Social and tie social activities to business results
Identify and engage key influencers to drive positive conversations about your brand
Monitor the sentiment of conversations and receive alerts on relevant trends
Easily create and deploy social apps, such as contests or forms, without the need for design or development resources
Directly measure across the customer journey how social media interactions and engagement drive purchase behavior

Social Ad Campaign Optimization
The capabilities of Adobe Social are complemented by technology acquired from Efficient Frquired from Efficient Frontier, which brings social ad buying and social campaign optimization to the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite. This technology provides multi-channel campaign management and optimization across the leading digital ad marketplaces. In addition to search, display and Facebook support, the former Efficient Frontier technology now supports campaign management and optimization capabilities for LinkedIn Ads.

Brad Rencher, senior vice president and general manager, Digital Marketing Business, Adobe

"The sheer scale of word-of-mouth that can be accomplished on social media can become a powerful boost or tragic descent for any company and is best managed if a company's social marketers are in lock-step. Adobe Social brings to social marketing the control and accountability expected across other digital channels. The ultimate aim is to help social media as a marketing channel mature and prove its worth alongside other digital marketing investments."

Gretchen Fox, vice president, Social Media, LiveNation

"In our industry, fans have tremendous passion about the artists they love to see and theshows they attend. Our goal with social media is to engage with our fans and give them ways to connect with each other around their concert experiences. The ability of Adobe Social to reveal deeper connections across thesocial activities of our fans and manage key business results and hundreds of Facebook pages and Twitter profiles across a single platform is incredibly valuable."

Mary Wardley, program vice president, CRM Applications, IDC

"With social marketing, companies are building awareness and relationships, driving engagement and transactions and creating loyalty.Unfortunately, this is often a siloed and disjointed effort, in no small part because companies are using point products for different pieces of social marketing. The ability to manage all aspects of social marketing in a manner that allows for the ability to measure performance alongside other digital marketing initiatives should be a goal for every digital marketer serious about social."

Adobe Social, a new offering within the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite, will be available in the latter half of 2012.

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