Thai bourse launches online retail investor push

Source: Stock Exchange of Thailand

The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) joins hands with 27 securities firms to launch the "I'm Online Investor" campaign, aiming to add 100,000 retail investors trading via Internet this year, stimulate investment, and lay the educational foundations for new investors.

Currently, SET has more than 350,000 online trading accounts, representing 50 percent of total retail investors, with an expected annual growth of about 30 percent on average. Online trading accounts for 49 percent of total retail investors' trading by value, or equivalent to 27 percent of total trading value.

"This year, SET aims to increase Internet trading users by 100,000 investors and boost the proportion of Internet trading to 50 percent of total retail investors' trading by value with many investment activities set throughout this year," said SET President Charamporn Jotikasthira.

The campaign is to enhance online trading, enabling investors to get to know alternative financial products, savings management and online trading. The activities consist of: (1) Building understanding and stimulating investment via online media by using integrated marketing communication and also educating beginners in derivatives, and (2) Developing learning tools and programs to boost investment understanding, such as producing Online webpage for new investors -- -- and for existing investors who need more information, and launching the online trading game "Click2Win" for trading simulation, and (3). Holding activities to educate and inform investors, including joining with broker partners to organize quarterly seminars in March, June and September.

Charamporn said SET Group is also committed to continue developing tools to facilitate investors, including,Ltd.'s new version of "New Settrade Streaming for iPad" application for stock and derivatives trading.

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