Indonesia's Artajasa deploys GFG Group FINsim testing tool

Source: GFG Group

Artajasa, Indonesia's leading electronic payment services network - has deployed GFG Group's FINsim testing tool, to simplify and streamline development and testing of applications across the entire network.

Artajasa established the first shared ATM network in Indonesia - ATM Bersama - empowering consumers to transact with participating banks and financial institutions. Artajasa's network has enabled member banks to streamline their operations, significantly reduce costs and time of payment-related operations and interchange fee bases, resulting in economies of scale.

Artajasa's Application Development Manager Handiawan Sujana says the key benefits FINsim brings to Artajasa include fully automated payment system and unit testing across the network, shortened testing cycles for new functionality and codes, and increased efficiency.

"FINsim has helped us greatly by making development and testing of applications much easier and efficient," he says. "We can build and test a variety of ATM configurations and simulate a range of terminal conditions quickly and easily. We don't need physical terminals and cards, meaning we can streamline everything we do in terms of the place, the time and test activities."

Today, Artajasa's ATM Bersama is Indonesia's largest ATM network, connecting more than 30,000 ATM terminals owned by over 76 banks. The network offers many interbank facilities, including balance inquiry, cash withdrawal and real-time online transfers to other accounts of members of the shared network.

Regionally, Artajasa is a member of the Asian Payment Network (APN) and has established cross-border relationships with member countries. The ATM Bersama network is incorporated in the APN with partner providers MEPS (Malaysia), NETS (Singapore) and ITMX (Thailand) respectively - enabling customers to transact in those countries. Artajasa will continue to extend its cross-border ATM Bersama network to include more ASEAN countries and countries which host large numbers of Indonesian workers and students.

Wayne Robinson, GFG Group's Senior Vice President, Marketing and Sales, says the FINsim implementation at Artajast Artajasa is a strtrategic win for GFG Group: "Artajasa is a major player in the South East Asia region - where GFG Group is rapidly building momentum with our entire solution set, encompassing cards, mobile and now testing. We are delighted to be working with a customer of Artajasa's calibre."

Handiawan Sujana says Artajasa aims to deliver an electronic payment services network that maintains high availability, convenience and efficiency to its customers - and that GFG Group's automated FINsim tool has enabled Artajasa to handle the significant network testing requirements more effectively.

Artajasa's testing requirements span everything from reducing the testing cycles, developing new code and new functionality, testing a wide range of self-service terminals, to analysing system performance under different loading, and the testing of individual system components such as switches, databases and their member banks' interfaces.

Before implementing FINsim the testing requirements on the wide range of self-service terminals in Artajasa's network of existing member banks was a challenge, Handiawan Sujana says. Now, Artajasa uses FINsim to create a wide range of ATM load files, to simulate various self-service terminals in their unit testing cycle to achieve tremendous advantages in terms of accuracy and efficiency.

FINsim's ability to help reduce testing cycles, by connecting to member banks' systems, tracking the system requirements needed to guarantee timely transaction processing, is an important consideration.

Artajasa also uses FINsim to automate routine testing, using its scripting capability to literally cut weeks off the repetitive effort associated with traditional manual testing. The stress feature of FINsim allows Artajasa to review switch hardware performance, memory usage, ceiling limits, various link strategies, middleware and general optimisation tuning.

FINsim provides Artajasa with an extremely accurate stress test environment to simulate capacity and growth. It has brought a new level of confidence to Artajasa that what has been tested will actually run without problems in production.

"FINsim software has comprehensive features that meet not just our current needs but our future requirements too, by providing a platform to develop applications more easily, simply, quickly and efficiently," Handiawan Sujana says.

Artajasa's future plans include pre-certification of member banks within FINsim, to enable Artajasa to improve their certification process for both of their existing and new member banks. 

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