Collis launches brand test tool

Source: Collis

Collis announces the new release of the all-in-one Collis Brand Test Tool for a complete EMV contact and contactless solution.

The new release supports test processes of all major brands, including American Express (AEIPS), MasterCard (TIP, M-TIP, NIV), Visa (ADVT, CDET, and ADVT-qVSDC), JCB (TCI), Diners Club, Discover and Interac.

The Collis Brand Test Tool has been developed specifically for acquirers, retailers and processors that are involved in the development, testing and deployment of card acceptance devices. This uniquely designed product provides the solution for acceptance testing of payment terminals for seven payments associations worldwide now: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Network, Diners Club International, JCB and Interac.

The Collis Brand Test Tool still includes all previously released and qualified functionalities, but offers a different user experience through the addition of new features:
• The Collis Card Spy and Collis Card Simulator are included and integrated within the new graphical user interface (GUI). This new GUI enhances usability in terms of navigation, search and integration
• The Collis Brand Test Tool offers complete access to the seven major payment schemes
• The MasterCard test cases have been updated to reflect the most recent test specifications
On request, the Host Simulation & Utilities module can be added which offers a range of host simulators using different protocols and automated test case selection for MasterCard Subset 1 for M-TIP.

The Collis Brand Test Tool and its components have been accredited and qualified by the leading card payment schemes for formal certifications. The Collis Brand Test Tool is fully backed by Collis' experience in testing POS-terminals and ATMs and provides unique test automation and troubleshooting experience for both contact and contactless devices. Usage of card simulators in combination with the state-of-the-art Collis hardware ensures compliance with the brand acceptance requirements. It also provides unique features for measuring aand testing the performance of payment terminals.

Berend van Geffen, Chief Commercial Officer at Collis, says: "Collis continues to provide high quality test tools for the payment market. The previous version of the Collis Brand Test Tool was already assisting our customers with successful accreditation for major payment brands, but the new version is even better. It includes the seven major brands. In addition, we can add domestic brands and host simulation, so this product really is complete. With the increased usability of this product we continue to improve the testing process for our customers.

We are confident that our customers will benefit from this all-in-one Brand Test Tool as it will help them with reducing the time to market and improve their confidence during the test phase. Easy-to-follow instructions, automatic population of reports and the easy set up allow our customers to manage their tests efficiently." 

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