CardinalCommerce receives Japanese and Canadian patents

Source: CardinalCommerce

CardinalCommerce, the world-leader in enabling remote commerce (internet, mobile, etc.), today announced that both the Japanese and Canadian Patent Offices have issued patents to Cardinal; numbers 4879431 (JP) and CA 2402382 (CA) respectively.

Cardinal's SaaS platforms solve the challenges of brand proliferation, distribution channel expansion, and legacy systems inflexibility across the globe and these patents continue to support and protect Cardinal's novel approach and technology.

The Japanese patent, entitled Secure and Efficient Payment Processing System was filed to protect the Company's technology related to virtually any type of payment system, wallet or brand for safe, secure and efficient payments. This patent complements several US and European issued patents particularly US 7,742,967 B2, EP1,221,146 B1 (UK), EP EP1,221,146 B1 (CH) and 600 15 587.0-08 (GER) for transactions over a network.

The Canadian patent, entitled Centralized Identity Authentication for Electronic Communications Networks was also filed to protect the Company's technology related to transactions and/or information access over a network. This patent complements several issued patents including US 7,140,036 B2 and US 7,797,731 B2.

"Cardinal's intellectual property portfolio has been significantly strengthened and expanded by adding our seventh and eighth countries with these grants," says Michael A. Keresman, III, President and CEO of CardinalCommerce. "The combination of our intellectual property and established technology capability can provide an IP safe haven and can essentially 'future proof' our Customers' needs."

"Our platforms support existing systems and can accommodate virtually any legacy system to bring internet, mobile and other remote transactions safely, securely and efficiently to merchants, banks and transaction service providers. We take pride in our ability create the necessary interoperability that facilitates new technologies now and into the future," said Chandra Balasubramanian, Cardinal's Chief Technology Officer.

Cardinal's IP counsel, Fay Sharpe LLP, through partner Patrick Roche, commented that the patent grants bolster the world-wide aspects of the Cardinal patent portfolio. "The Japanese patent is especially pleasing as the Japanese Patent Office has historically been very reluctant to issue software business method patents absent impressive proof of invention, which was certainly seen here."

Cardinal's patent portfolio now includes 23 issued patents and over 60 applications pending. 

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