Siemens restaurants tap easycash for contactless payments

Source: Ingenico

easycash Loyalty Solutions, an Ingenico company, announces today it has provided the Siemens restaurants with a prepaid payment and contactless solution.

Alongside the Siemens CasinoCard, which was established in as early as 1999, guests or members of staff can now also use contactless function to pay for their meals at many of the restaurants' 250 tills with their prepaid cards. Once the final stage of this solution implemented, restaurant guests will be able to use one of the 80 terminals to top up their cards. 60 machines will also be available especially for guest cards. The system is currently rolled out at Siemens' over 60 restaurant locations. With this solution, Siemens is able to reduce payment with the handling of cash and thus speed up its till processes. easycash Loyalty Solutions is responsible for processing the card transactions while easycash GmbH takes care of the network operations.

It is important to Siemens that all users of its restaurants make cashless payments, which avoid waiting times at the till, reduce the handling and transportation of cash, increase hygiene and save staff time, and that money handling is reduced to a minimum. In order to meet these requirements, easycash Loyalty Solutions has developed a solution that optimises processes but is also simple and convenient for members of staff and guests.

A Single Solution for All Guests
The new prepaid solution for the Siemens restaurants is also meant for guests and members of staff from abroad who do not have an account in Germany. It therefore significantly differs from the Siemens CasinoCard, and involves monthly withdrawals of payments by direct debit. The new prepaid solution makes use of two mediums, namely either the Siemens staff cards, which have a contactless chip, or guest cards. The guest cards can be obtained from the top-up and card machines upon payment of a deposit. These machines are also used to top up the cards with prepaid amounts using cash, debit card or credit card payments.

Contactless Payment
The cards can then be used to make contactless payments at the restaurant tills. Both staff and guest cards are fitted with a special chip, meaning that they only need to be held in front of the corresponding terminal for the payment to be made. The tills then recognize the potential payment variants that can be used by the customer, including the automatic identification of price categories for different groups of staff. Trainees, for example, are automatically charged reduced prices.

Using Synergies
By using this cashless payment solution, Siemens benefits from the synergies offered by the easycash group of companies. While the customer management specialist easycash Loyalty Solutions deals with all of the internal processing and the production of the guest cards, the network operator easycash handles prepaid card top-ups using electronic cash and the posting of direct debit payments where the Siemens CasinoCard is concerned. 

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