Attica Wealth Management live on Profile IMSplus

Source: Profile

The Attica Bank's Wealth Management arm has gone live with Profile's IMSplus Private Wealth Management solution. The IMSplus platform replaced the existing system, providing complete coverage of the investment management process and enabling the company to avoid time-consuming and costly manual processes thus improving performance.

The company, following an international vendor selection process, chose IMSplus due to its dynamic and flexible Wealth Management functionality, which can accommodate current and future business needs. The solution effectively supports the full range of asset management services as well as the regulatory risk management requirements regarding managed funds on a single, integrated platform. Attica Wealth Management achieved optimization in operations, gains in accuracy and minimization of risk by utilising the powerful IMSplus tools to automate and streamline the vast majority of its (manual) processes.

The organisation greatly benefits from the system's extensive reporting capabilities, by producing comprehensive and attractive client statements to meet their demanding requirements. Performance measurement follows the GIPS standards while extensive analysis and drill down information is readily available to both customers and the Management.

Moreover, the IMSplus's technical architecture and modular capabilities enable Attica Wealth Management to successfully respond to business challenges while flexibly create new services for future expansion by activating the required functionality with the least effort while minimizing overheads. The implementation was completed on-budget and in record time exceeding company's expectations. 

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