WeBank taps CustVox for customer experience management

Source: CustVox

CustVox, the world's leading Customer Experience Management (CEM) experts, is proud to announce it has reached a cooperative agreement with WeBank.

The two companies will work in synergy to develop and support a high-quality Customer Experience Program, using a holistic approach to strengthen the Voice of the Customer. CustVox will help WeBank to implement their CEM performance across the entire organization.

WeBank is an Italian online bank, owned and operated by Banca Popolare di Milano. Founded in 1999, WeBank - is the pioneer of the Internet banking services in Italy. Focused on services in earlier years, in 2009 it became a proper bank, remaining in the Banca Popolare di Milano's universe. Currently WeBank serves more than 125,000 customers in the local Italian market.

WeBank has built a strong relationship with its clients, based on several listening processes and has launched many projects involving them proactively. Now it's time for WeBank to start a new innovative path in order to improve its overall customer experience, increasing the value of its Word of Mouth (WoM) promoters.

WeBank is planning to become the leading online bank, offering the best customer experience possible. The bank is going to maintain its already high Net Promoter Score (NPS), increasing meanwhile the customer satisfaction and the loyalty and generating fresh revenue. CustVox has been selected because of its integrated and unified solution, which is able to support WeBank to reach its goals.

CustVox is an innovative firm specialising in Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions, and have teamed up with WeBank to deliver a holistic approach to reaching WeBank's goals.

CustVox began by providing a full 360 degree Voice of the Customer (VOC) analysis including:

• Observing and analyzing thousands of customers across a 20 day time frame, by capturing customer feedback and social media comments across multiple touch points including email and the web. CustVox actioned this analysis in a very short time, providing almost instant proof of concept.
• Analyzi />• Analyzi>• Analyzing structured and unstructured data through extensive use of text mining, opinion mining and sentiment analysis.
• Comparing findings with existing KPI's in order to define a strategic CEM roadmap.

Based upon the findings of the initial analysis, CustVox were able to deploy an effective CEM solution which included:

• Integration of the CustVox cloud based SaaS solution into the corporate ecosystem in order to dissimilate relevant information throughout the enterprise.
• An outside-in view to the organization through a powerful dashboard, able to measure holistically, in real time, the Voice of the Customer (VOC) and organization's relevant KPI's.

Federico Cesconi, CEO of CustVox tells us that, "CustVox is proud to be associated with such a sophisticated project as the VOC Management for WeBank. Working with such a visionary organization will propel us to the next level of Customer Experience Management in the banking sector. This cooperation enhances our ability to innovate and to build on the tremendous momentum we've established." 

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