ICFR and Intuition launch regulatory portal

Source: International Centre for Financial Regulation

The International Centre for Financial Regulation (ICFR) and Intuition have announced the launch of a new online regulatory portal, including a series of modules on key issues on finance and regulation.

This is aimed at clients wanting to enhance their understanding of regulatory issues; with a focus on providing accessible, essential and concise information on how regulatory reform is affecting their business.

The partnership was conceived to combine the regulatory expertise of the ICFR with the eLearning credentials of Intuition.

The ICFR is a non-partisan authority on financial regulation, advising corporate members across the world on effective regulatory cooperation and regulatory best practice. The ICFR traditionally offers a membership package to companies, with founder members including KPMG, UBS and Aviva. The creation of the Regulatory Portal will allow individuals, or small companies to sign-up for ICFR content, with access to tailored information that reflects their specific interests.

As an established Learning Consultancy, Intuition has worked with the ICFR to create a globally recognised Regulatory Portal offering the highest quality information and eLearning content. The Regulatory Portal allows users to register their unique personal preferences and then access information targeted to their needs. This personalised Portal helps users filter the increasing volume of regulatory material to quickly find highly relevant and applicable information.

In addition to the daily stream of tailored information that will be added to the Portal, 50 of Intuition's eLearning modules will be available to members. These modules cover a wide range of topics across Regulation, Compliance and Risk Management. The inclusion of these modules reflects a recognition from ICFR and Intuition that there is a growing demand for financial services education, across a range of different sectors.

Barbara Ridpath, Chief Executive of the ICFR commented, "We recognise that financial education is more important than ever and wanted to broaden our offer to reflect the growing need for all sectors and size of companies to access informatinformmation on how financial regulation affects them. The Portal and our unique partnership with Intuition will allow clients to tap into this information in an accessible and interactive fashion."

David Harrison, Chief Executive at Intuition commented, "Intuition are proud to work with the ICFR and be at the forefront delivering robust, consistent and demonstrable information and training material. The extent to which firms can exploit knowledge will be the key determinant in making that business a success. The better it does this, the better it will perform in the relentlessly changing regulatory, compliance and risk environment." 

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