HotButton taps Panopticon for visual analysis

Source: Panopticon Software

Panopticon Software the leading provider of visual data analysis software for real-time, CEP and historical time series data, today announced that HotButton, a leading field data capture technology focused on the energy industry, have partnered to provide advanced risk and performance management applications.

Panopticon data visualization capabilities enhance the HotButton platform forming a meaningful option for energy firms in industrial asset management. HotButton utilizes the Panopticon 5.9 release, delivering a valuable range of data visualizations, including Treemaps, Heatmaps and Scatter Plots, and advanced data connectors for extensive business and compliance intelligence.

HotButton's Solutions products HotLeap™ EASY and HotLeap™ PRO are in daily use within major energy producers and utilities in North America. This edition of HotButton product enhancements provides an immediate and exciting gain with asset and process intelligence via exceptional data visualization. The fusion of visual enhancements, allows energy clients to more effectively monitor and analyze production data in the field, flow data in refineries, pipeline facilities, and raw material transfer metrics. In its research, HotButton discovered that Panopticon's time series and Treemap visualizations are particularly useful in helping managers quickly identify anomalies in large amounts of energy production, flow, environmental compliance and delivery data. Panopticon's ability to handle multiple, real-time streaming data feeds and to bring that data into analytical dashboards is critical for energy clients. HotButton clients increasingly need the most advanced operational intelligence to identify and track the performance of complex equipment operating in extreme environments.

Jane Glendon, President and CEO of HotButton notes, "We recognized the need for advanced visual analytics in our client facilities some time ago. We conducted a worldwide search for the best software solutions and personnel and selected Panopticon after extensive technical testing. The Panopticon data intelligence products are extremely well designed and facilitate groundbreaking visual analysis, particularly when users are confronted with large amounts of dynamic data. The leaders in the energy industry absolutely demand an agile and clear view of their operations, which makes this product alliance uniquely relevant. Production, Maintenance and Compliance managers all find visual analysis a tremendous capability. These products together are a breakthrough for energy production, distribution facilities, refineries, pipelines, and earth mining operations in order to help prevent routine variations from becoming disasters. Tabular reports at the end of a shift or day are simply inadequate to achieve optimal operational and safety performance related to a grid of assets. The combination of HotButton's field data capture and analytical computation technology and Panopticon's visual analytics provides our clients with a tremendous, real-time view of their operations."

Chris Elsmore, Senior Vice President of Panopticon Software, stated, "HotButton is a clear leader in field data capture for companies in the Energy and Utilities industries, and a valued partner of our team. Their systems optimize field data collection in extreme environments, and support complex business rules including astute analysis processing. HotButton manages the storage and retrieval of industrial-scale operational data in critical stages of energy production, refining and distribution. Their infrastructure is an opportunity to enhance high-quality field data, and develop intelligence for the most quality-minded Energy operations globally. The addition of a strong visual analytics front end is a powerful step forward in helping HotButton clients operate with optimal asset efficiency and workforce safety." 

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