E*Trade launches online bond resource centre

Source: E*Trade Financial Corporation

E*Trade Financial Corporation (NASDAQ: ETFC) today announced the launch of the next generation online Bond Resource Center(1).

The re-designed Bond Resource Center offers leading-edge graphical charts that give unique insights into the bond market at a glance, and a host of advanced tools and search functionality enabling customers of all skill levels to invest in bonds with greater ease, insight and speed.

"Most investors understand that fixed income is an integral component of a well-balanced investment portfolio. Individual bonds, however, are an underutilized asset class because many investors don't know how to research and select bonds," said Andrew Wels, Head of Retail Fixed Income and Vice President of Retail, E*TRADE Securities. "So we've rebuilt the E*TRADE fixed income investing experience from the top down to make buying a bond as seamless, intuitive and straightforward as buying a stock or a mutual fund."

Developed by leveraging resources from BondDesk Group LLC, a leader in fixed income trading technology, E*TRADE's new Bond Resource Center supports a full range of fixed income investing needs — for novice investors through expert traders — with new features, such as:

  • Interactive Relative Value Charts to evaluate live bond offerings for the most actively traded municipal, investment grade and high yield issues
  • Simple Search to find bonds quickly using issuer name, ticker symbol or CUSIP
  • Moody's Research on individual bond issues for independent, objective and expert insight
  • Portfolio Alerts for trading desk notifications, material events and orders on bond holdings
  • Bond Ideas provide strategies and insight from the firm's Fixed Income Trading Desk
  • Education, Videos and Web Seminars designed to suit investors and traders of all levels

"We believe this is a significant development in retail fixed income investing and trading," said Kim Bang, CEO of BondDesk. "E*TRADE is demonstrating tremendous vision by delivering market-leading tools to make individual bonds more accessible. The Bond Resource Center is an innovative, content-rich, easy-to-navigate solution that enables E*TRADE customers to manage their fixed income needs with ease."

In addition to these new resources, E*TRADE continues to make fixed income investing attractive by offering online trades at just $1 per bond(2). To complement the online support offered directly through E*TRADE's Bond Resource Center, our Fixed Income Specialists are also available to help via phone Monday - Friday, 8am - 8pm (EST). Customers may also speak with one of E*TRADE's Financial Consultants in person at our branches nationwide.
To learn more about how E*TRADE makes fixed income investing simple, visit www.etrade.com or click here.

(1)Securities products and services offered by E*TRADE Securities LLC, Member FINRA/SIPC.
(2) Pricing applies to online secondary market trades. Includes Agency bonds, Corporate bonds, Municipal bonds, Brokered CDs, Pass-thrus, CMOs, and Asset Backed Securities. Other fees and commissions may apply to other fixed income trades. 

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