Cameron Edge launches FIXinsight

Source: Cameron Edge

Cameron Edge today launched FIXinsight, a tool for the securities industry to step through the day's trading, moving back and forward in time, and gain insight into what goes on during a trading day.

It can be used by broker/dealers, asset managers and regulators to help answer questions such as what did the order book look like at an exact moment, what trading patterns were out of the ordinary, did an order get the best price available and what is the current status of an order.

John Cameron started Cameron Edge in 2009. Prior to that he founded Cameron Systems around his product CameronFIX which became the world's leading FIX engine.

"Madoff Securities used the CameronFIX engine I originally developed." said John Cameron, principal of Cameron Edge. "When the Madoff scandal broke, I started thinking about how I could develop tools to help better understand trading patterns and provide more transparency of what goes on throughout the trading day. The Flash Crash of 2010 and the time it took the industry to understand what happened that day confirmed my thinking that useful tools were needed."

"FIX logs are the raw history of trading - the de facto consolidated tape. FIXinsight takes that raw data and uses it to recreate the state of your trading screen at any instant in the past."

FIXinsight is a service for securely storing and making sense of your FIX logs. You can use FIXinsight to reconstruct any trading session from a FIX log. FIXinsight uses FIX logs to completely reconstruct any trading day, allowing anyone - not just a FIX expert - to step through the days trading, moving back and forward in time, reconstructing the state of the order book at any instant. You can also track the execution history of any order or fill. For those that are interested, it is possible to drill down to the fully decoded details of each individual FIX message, field and value.

The basic level of service is completely free. There is also a paid level of use with greater upload and storage allowances. Members of FPL ( receive double the standard allowance in both the free and paid plans. 

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