KVH preps Japanese 10 gigabit ethernet leased line encryption service

Source: KVH

KVH Co. Ltd., Asia's leading information delivery platform providing IT and communication solutions, today announced the launch of its 10 Gigabit Ethernet Leased Line Encryption Service, a new encryption solution delivering best-in-class latency, available for the first time in Japan from March 1, 2012.

The solution addresses the high-quality security needs of enterprises in financial services and other transaction-oriented industries by enabling the secure transmission of highly sensitive business-critical data between sites without impacting network performance.

Current trends show businesses are becoming increasingly prone to network attacks and security risks, which has resulted in significantly greater customer demand for higher level security services. This is particularly the case for organizations that handle highly valuable or confidential data and, thus, strongly align their business success with the capabilities to protect their intellectual property and follow regulatory compliances.

To meet this increasing demand, KVH's new solution with protocol-agnostic encryption enables customers to achieve greater levels of security and to simplify their network management when transmitting large volumes of data across networks, whilst maintaining network performance, minimizing latency, and maximizing bandwidth usage. The latency of this service is significantly lower than that of traditional encryption services, ensuring financial or transactional-orientated data is delivered at speeds that provide a competitive advantage.

The new KVH service incorporating Ciena's 5000 Advanced Services Family's Network Encryption Solution will be deployed across KVH's existing WDM backbone. As the same WDM equipment can encrypt multiple protocols without impacting quality, the service can achieve full wire speed throughput and transparency. Ciena's 5000 Advanced Services Family, equipped with Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) - certified, integrated encryption capabilities, is a critical component in KVH's optical fiber backbone network in providing leased line services to enterprises, especially those within the financial service industry. In preparation of commercializing the new service, Ciena and KVH successfully completed a transmission trial of 10 Gigabit Ethernet Encryption together, which was announced in July, 2011.

Joe Duhamel, Executive Vice President, Systems and Technology of KVH said, "Leveraging the existing WDM backbone, this new service allows us to cost-effectively deliver a high-performance encryption solution that also offers ultra low-latency. We will continue expanding our security solutions portfolio at various levels from Ethernet connectivity to advanced business applications, to meet the high security requirements of financial institutions and other security conscious customers."

"Leading providers like KVH recognize that encryption capabilities are critical for businesses that transport large amounts of time-sensitive and classified data," said Anthony McLachlan, vice president and general manager, Asia Pacific, Ciena. "Ciena's network encryption solution helps to protect networks from potential attacks and security risks by combining market-leading optical transport technologies with powerful, standards-based encryption functionality in a single, integrated infrastructure - minimizing potential network failure and reducing costs by eliminating the need of standalone encryption-only network elements." 

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