Zipmark launches developer programme

Source: Zipmark

Zipmark, a pioneer in mobile and online payments, today announced the launch of its Developer Program, giving businesses and application developers access to an entirely new kind of fast and secure payment system for online and mobile transactions.

The Zipmark Biller API provides the first real-time authorized checking transactions and is currently being used by the following companies to process payments: Sunshine Suites, the largest co-working space provider in New York City, Singular Payments, which specializes in bill payment solutions, UnitConnect, a property management software company, InvoiceASAP, a mobile invoicing provider, and Eastmedia, an integration partner that builds commerce apps for clients.

"We created Zipmark to address the billing and operations challenges faced every day by startups and established businesses alike. The same thing happens across all industries: too much time and resources focused on collecting money instead of their actual business. That is why we're giving the checkbook an update - to increase cash flow and decrease hassle with payments," said Zipmark co-founder and Head of Product, Jake Howerton.

The need for efficient payment solutions is consistent among small and large businesses as interchange fee structures continue to change and merchants continue to seek relief from the complexity and costs. With each transaction, Zipmark helps businesses and their customers lower payment processing costs with lower fees that are easy to understand, and by eliminating the lost labor hours that result from having to handle mailed-in paper checks as well as dealing with bounced checks. The newly-launched Zipmark Biller API can be easily integrated into web payments, offering a lower cost alternative to credit and debit cards.

The Developer Program is designed to be efficient and effective for developers looking to integrate payments into their apps. Developers can register and instantly get access to a test environment at

Zipmark's iPhone app, which is slated to debut at South by Southwest Interactive, will enable users to make payments for items such as rent, fees or subscriptions directly from paper invoices via QR codes.

"Our goal is to simplify the way businesses get paid," said CEO and co-founder Jay Bhattacharya. "There are so many inefficiencies in the payments system right now - from the length of time it takes for a payment to process to the cost of transaction fees and unnecessary labor dedicated to handling collections - which we see as a major opportunity. We want to give product developers an ideal payment mechanism: low-fee, high utility, fast settlement."

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