Asset Control upgrades AC Plus

Source: Asset Control

Asset Control, provider of financial data management solutions and services, today announced that it has released a series of upgrades to its AC Plus solution.

The upgrades provide Asset Control clients with the most efficient routes to meet greater regulatory demands for transparency. As new directives such as Dodd-Frank, Basel III and Solvency II are refined and implemented, increasing demands are placed on financial firms' ability to track the source of data, how it has changed over time and who has changed it.

Asset Control has expanded AC Plus' bi-temporal capabilities in support of this, making clients regulator-ready by providing an on-demand audit trail of all data changes and system amendments over time. This capability means firms have transparency to audit decisions based upon the information that was available to them at a specific point in time.

Upgrades have also been made to all aspects of the data management process within AC Plus: acquisition, processing, querying and data distribution. This further complements the solutions capability to pull data in near real-time from a wide variety of sources to calculate exposure reports and feed risk algorithms. These enhancements allow users to effectively manage and optimize collateral by snapping and comparing multiple prices throughout the day. This functionality is especially important given the ability to derive the best price from external and internal sources is becoming increasingly essential as plans towards centrally cleared OTC markets continue.

"The amount of data firms now need to mine, analyze and report on is placing an unprecedented data governance burden on the industry," said Phil Lynch, CEO and President of Asset Control. "The plethora of regulatory changes on the horizon means the way in which firms are required to interact with data has reached microscopic scrutiny. In the ongoing attempt to reduce risk and increase transparency, regulators require a greater breadth and depth of up-to-date information. Without the tools to cut through the complexities this presents, firms will face huge operational challenges when it comes to compliance. The upgrades to AC Plus go a long way in helping financial services manage these pressures."

Asset Control leveraged its extensive client base and advisory groups to partner with numerous firms when developing the enhancements. The AC Plus upgrade will be released to existing customers at no extra cost under maintenance agreements and is available to all new clients.

AC Plus is an enterprise class data management platform that supports both reference and time series-based data. AC Plus is a scalable, fault-tolerant platform, ensuring that clients can rapidly create and maintain the accurate, actionable and accessible data needed to support today's complex trading and investment management needs. 

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