Utah retailer implements BioPay biometric payments system

Source: BioPay

Utah residents can now conveniently and securely pay for goods with the touch of their finger at Combos convenience stores in Provo and Spanish Fork, Utah using technology from biometric payments leader BioPay, LLC.

The service has been in place since February and is the first of its kind in any retail store in Utah. Combos chose to implement BioPay to give their check writing and card-carrying customers greater convenience when making a purchase. An important benefit has been a reduction in Combos' payment processing costs.

"Many people are intrigued by BioPay and have begun using it in place of their debit cards," said David Wiscombe, manager for Combos convenience stores. "BioPay transactions cost us 75% less than processing debit card transactions."

BioPay uses a person's unique finger image and their chosen PIN (typically their phone number) to authorize a debit from their checking account. Enrollment can be completed at any merchant that offers the biometric payment service. The entire process takes less than 2 minutes. Once enrolled, the customer can pay with their finger at any other BioPay payments location across the United States.

Combos installed BioPay in February 2005 and have processed over 1,000 biometric payments in slightly over 2 months. Customer enrollments have increased by 30% per month in the latest month.

"BioPay has been so successful that we no longer take traditional paper checks," reports Wiscombe. "If people want to pay by check, we require them to enroll in BioPay. We've had no complaints and customers seem to really like the system."

Combos purchased their landmark biometric payments offering through Identity Protection Systems, a Utah-based authorized agent of BioPay. With this installation, Combos joins over a thousand grocers, convenience stores and liquor stores from around the country who are using BioPay's biometric solutions to confidently "know" their customers for check cashing, loyalty programs, payments and more.

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