Caplin Presenter unveiled

Source: Caplin Systems

Caplin Systems Ltd., provider of Web trading technology and the market leader in single-dealer platform frameworks, today announced immediate availability of Caplin Presenter, the latest in its set of products to support financial trading Web applications and improve developer productivity.

Caplin Presenter enables a graphical user interface (UI) design to be quickly and easily translated into a fully-functional Web app. Specifically designed for trading applications, Caplin Presenter simplifies the process of designing and building interface components such as trade tickets and trade tiles, automatically integrating them with the appropriate trade model in Caplin's workflow library.

Caplin Presenter allows a "separation of concerns" enabling user experience (UX) designers to create the visual elements, the "look and feel", of the application using HTML with appropriate CSS styling, independent of the behaviour of the application. The behaviour is developed in parallel and HTML5 attributes are used to bind the behaviour to the visual elements.

Ensuring that a trading application behaves as designed is critical; Caplin Presenter includes a stand-alone test feature that enables functional testing to be carried out independently of the UI. This is more reliable and effective than testing the whole application and substantially improves developer productivity. Furthermore, since all binding is automated, the developer can reduce the number of lines of code in the application to an absolute minimum. This reduces the size and complexity of the application making it easier to test and improving performance.

Patrick Myles, Chief Technology Officer at Caplin Systems, said, "It's clear that designing a compelling UX is critical to the success of a Web trading application. But up to now application developers have wasted resource by developing and modifying code as the UI design evolves.

"Caplin Presenter changes that: functionality and behaviour can be defined, and coded using object-oriented JavaScript classes in parallel with the UX/UI designers creating the most exciting designs and layouts. The two can then quickly be bound together. Not only does this make both designers and developers significantly more productive, it also enables design changes and functional enhancements to be delivered to users without endangering the entire application.

Caplin Presenter is available for use with Caplin Trader V2 applications. 

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