LV= chooses iJento customer intelligence platform

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IJento has announced that it is extending its web analytics solution to a multichannel customer intelligence platform for LV=.

This will enable LV= to better understand each and every customer journey and gain richer insights into each individual's behaviour, no matter how they choose to interact (web, contact centre, mobile etc.).

For five years, iJento has enabled LV= to collect, store and integrate its detailed online customer data from its various websites within the iJento Datamart. Due to its multichannel capabilities, LV= is now able to incorporate its other sources of online and offline data and for the first time, get a single customer view with iJento's single industry standard SQL Server datamart.

The extended iJento multichannel solution enables LV= to integrate:
• contact centre data - to understand how customers interact between the web and contact centre
• aggregator data - to better understand attraction types and influencers
• mobile site data - to map the complete mobile journey for users
• social media sites and campaigns - to understand their role as referrers
• viral videos and games - to track their effectiveness and influence

iJento Real-Time solution has also just been implemented for LV=. This displays key online performance metrics (number of visitors and page impressions) in real-time around the LV= offices on plasma screens. This enables LV= to monitor how the online business is performing in real-time and identify and fix any problems immediately.

As well as the iJento Datamart, LV= is also working with iJento Intelligence applications to query, visualise, report and analyse its multichannel and multi-device data. These insights have enabled LV= to get a detailed understanding of how customers work through options and identify when they reach choke points - both online and at the contact centre.

With the ability to track and optimise every element of each customer journey, LV= has achieved a number of performance improvements, including: a 30% increase in quote success, 120% increase in application throughput and 26% increase in sale conversion. This spans the full range of different LV= products and directly relates to an uplift in revenue. LV= has also been able to reduce its paid search acquisition costs by approximately 30% by being able to better target its campaigns.

One of the biggest benefits of the iJento multichannel customer intelligence solution has been campaign attribution. Previously LV= had been working on assumptions of attraction types and influencers. Now, the organisation has a much better knowledge of which channels best support those functions and can make the appropriate corrections in marketing spend to maximise opportunities.

Paul Wishman, e-commerce director, LV= said: "LV= has grown significantly in the past five years to be the UK's fourth largest car insurer and top twelve general insurer and analytics have played a key part in this. Whether the data originates from traditional computers, mobile devices or our contact centre, the solution has been invaluable to our continued development and progress. The success we have seen in our quote rates, application throughput and sales conversion cements the fact that iJento has tangible benefits."

Peter Ryan, CEO, iJento said: "Multichannel customer intelligence is critical to today's customer centric organisations. The results that LV= has achieved, demonstrate the power of understanding each customer journey across channels and devices. We are very excited to see our technology is helping to drive these big performance improvements and to be a part of the LV= success story." 

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