SEI buys NorthStar tech

Source: SEI

SEI (NASDAQ: SEIC) announced today that it has acquired assets of the technology firm NorthStar Systems International, Inc. in a move designed to quickly expand SEI's front-office capabilities across its Global Wealth Platform, the company's new wealth processing platform.

This technology will enable SEI to deliver more sophisticated levels of front-office automation and functionality to its wealth management clients in critical business areas such as client acquisition and client management.

This technology automates a wide variety of client-related activities for wealth management providers, including financial planning and proposal generation, investment policy statements and product catalogs, portfolio construction and monitoring, and compliance.

"Providing our clients with automated front-office capabilities was always part of our road map for the Global Wealth Platform," said Alfred P. West, Jr., SEI's Chairman and CEO. "Our clients are looking for a fully integrated operating platform on which to run their businesses. This acquisition will speed the delivery of these services to market and help us build out our vision of the Global Wealth Platform. We look forward to bringing these solutions to our markets once we have completed the necessary integration work." 

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