UniCredit opts for Tealeaf customer experience management software

Source: Tealeaf

Tealeaf has today announced that European bank UniCredit is using its Customer Experience Management software to provide customers with first-class online experience.

With real-time insights from Tealeaf, UniCredit can better understand the behaviour of the one million visitors that use its website each month, enabling the bank to identify and remedy any obstacles.

UniCredit is one of Italy's leading banks and has a European-wide reach with nearly 10,000 branches across 22 countries. As UniCredit drives more customers to its website for online banking, Tealeaf provides the bank with unparalleled visibility into the experiences of those customers, including any struggles they encounter.

"We have always had a general idea of what customers were doing on our site, but until we started using Tealeaf, we had no idea why they were behaving in a particular way," said Gianrico Sarracco, Interaction Design & Usability Specialist at UniCredit. "Tealeaf gives us real-time visibility into what customers actually experience as they navigate through the website so we know why customers struggle or drop off at a particular stage."

UniCredit has already used Tealeaf to uncover an issue with its online loan application form. Using Tealeaf, UniCredit could see that customers were struggling with the wording of a particular field and were entering incorrect personal data, which led to applications being rejected. Armed with these insights, UniCredit amended the wording in the application form, which simplified the process for customers and improved the conversion rate of the applications by 30%.

"Working very closely with BitBang, one of our key strategic partners, UniCredit can now use Tealeaf to make continual improvements to the website," said Geoff Galat, CMO at Tealeaf. "As UniCredit drives more and more customers to the site, insights from Tealeaf will provide UniCredit with the visibility required to quickly identify and eliminate sources of online customer struggle and improve the overall experience for every single customer."

UniCredit's Italian team is responsible for shaping best practice foor website management across its entire international network. "As a global company, the challenge for us is managing web experience, usability and design so that we have a defined methodology that allows the team to answer the questions that matter," added Gabriele Rosati, Head of Web/Interaction Design at UniCredit. "Usability, multivariate and A/B tests as well as focus groups and surveys tell us about users' needs and preferences but only Tealeaf allows us to actually see what is really happening on every page."

Insights from Tealeaf will be shared with other regions including Germany, Italy, Austria and Poland to improve the website journey for all UniCredit customers. 

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