Trayport signs Edison Trading Spa

Source: Trayport

Trayport, a leading provider of energy trading solutions to traders, brokers and exchanges worldwide today announced that Edison Trading Spa have chosen their Automated Trading Engine SM ("AT") and Implied Price Calculator SM ("IPC") products.

Automated Trading will allow Edison Trading to create new rules and synthetic order types in order to optimise trading strategies. It offers five standard rules which are ghost, discretionary, stop limit, synthetic spread and hidden iceberg, and which can then be modified by the users.

Additionally, Implied Price Calculator will enable Edison Trading to use its price information to generate customised, real-time, and tradable implied prices within Trayport's Trading Gateway SM. As a result, Edison Trading's teams can adopt new strategies and relate prices across instrument sets and calendar periods, opening up new opportunities for more effective trading.

Fabio Lamioni, Head of Trading at Edison, said "We have noticed the increased usage of automated trading in the markets we trade. Trayport's Automated Trading and Implied Price Calculator products will help Edison Trading optimise trading performance, allowing us to capture market opportunities and trade prices more rapidly."

James Davies, Head of Sales at Trayport, said, "With the added functionality offered by Automated Trading and the Implied Price Calculator, Edison Trading will be able to extract maximum value from its energy trading activities."

Edison Trading Spa, a subsidiary of Edison Spa, is responsible for the Group's Energy management activities. These activities range from maximizing the value of Group's power plant production to identifying and executing, on major Wholesale Markets and Power Exchanges in Europe, transactions involving power and environmental securities by means of physical contracts or financial instruments, both for trading and hedging purposes. 

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