Micropross test toll gets EMVCo approval

Source: Micropross

Micropross announced earlier today that its Card Level 1 Electrical test tool, called MUST², got qualified by the CAWG (Card Approval Working Group).

This qualification means that the MUST² product has successfully passed the approval scheme defined by the EMVCo organization. The set of test cases supported by the tool is the EMVCo Card Type Approval Card Level 1 Electrical Test Cases version 4.2c.

Philippe Bacle, CEO of Micropross, said : "We are the first test tool designer to be able to propose a solution that features all electrical test cases following the latest test specification defined by the EMVCo. Once again, Micropross proves its dominant presence on the test tool market, by supplying not only EMVCo, but also NFC Forum, ISO and ICAO conformance test solutions"

Using the MUST² tool, smartcard manufacturers cover all electrical test cases defined inside the EMVCo test specification. The test hardware that is used is the MP300 TC3. Furthermore, it is possible to add on top of the electrical test certified EMVCo protocol test cases, making the MUST² platform a complete test environment for Level 1 characterization of contact smartcards.

Today, this test solution is already used by the major test laboratories, like ICTK (South Korea), RFI Global (UK), Applus (Spain) and TUV (Japan). 

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