Collis launches terminal test suite for North American market

Source: Collis

Collis announces the release of a complete terminal test suite for the US and Canadian markets: the Collis Merchant Test Suite.

The Collis Merchant Test Suite offers an all-in-one EMV contact and contactless solution. This product has been developed specifically for merchants, processors and acquirers within the US and Canada that are involved in the development, testing and deployment of acceptance devices.

This uniquely designed product combines the strengths of specific Collis software and hardware used for terminal testing worldwide. Specifically built for the North American market, the Collis Merchant Test Suite provides the solution for the following test processes:
• American Express AEIPS
• Discover & Diners Club Acquirer E2E
• Interac Terminal Application, Acquirer, and Interoperability Certification
• MasterCard M-TIP and NIV

Our local partner, B2 Payment Solutions, will be able to advise merchants, processors and acquirers what is applicable in a given situation.

The software modules comprising the Collis Merchant Test Suite (Collis Brand Test Tool and Collis Card Simulator) have been accredited and qualified by the leading card payment schemes for formal certifications. The Collis Merchant Test Suite is fully backed up by Collis experience in testing POS-terminals and ATMs and provides unique test automation and troubleshooting experience. Usage of card simulators in combination with the state-of-the-art Collis hardware ensures compliance with the brand acceptance requirements. It also provides unique features for measuring and testing the performance of payment terminals.

Bruce Murray, President at B2PS said: "The combination of these tools ensures a quick and painless development, testing and certification and ultimately drives the acceptance devices into production sooner. The Merchant Test Suite reduces risks and distribution costs, as simulators are used instead of physical cards and all payment brands can be tested. The Collis Merchant Test Suite will bring real value to our customers in the US and Canada and will be available exclusively in the US and Canadian regions through B2 Payment Solutions."

"Collis continues to provide high quality test tools for the payment market. We are confident that our US and Canadian customers will benefit from this all-in-one Merchant Test Suite as it will help them with reducing the time to market and improve their confidence during the test phase. Easy-to-follow instructions, automatic population of reports and the easy set up allow our customers to manage their tests efficiently," adds Dirk Jan van den Heuvel, CEO at Collis. 

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