Corelation and WRG team on mobile banking

Source: Corelation

Core processing vendor, Corelation, Inc., and credit union technology solutions provider, Wescom Resources Group (WRG), have partnered to package WRG's online and mobile banking products with Corelation's KeyStone core processing system. The partnership officially commenced January 2012.

Along with Corelation clients being able to use WRG's online and mobile banking products, the partnership allows KeyStone-running credit unions to utilize WRG's Service Bureau solution. This service provides many related technology services such as computer operations staff, COLD storage and imaging, and IT network management - which allows Corelation, in turn, to provide its clients with a more robust technology services offering.

The partnership started when Cabrillo Credit Union ($191 million; 23,114 members; San Diego, CA), a mutual client of Corelation and WRG, was converting to the KeyStone system (October 2011) but wanted to maintain its WRG online banking services. This opportunity started the two companies working together to meet this need for Cabrillo. In the process of those discussions, they discovered that the KeyStone host system could run within WRG's data center in a Service Bureau model - and a partnership was born.

"We see this partnership leveraging the best practices we have developed here at Wescom, with the experience and ingenuity of Corelation, for a combined offer that provides credit unions with exceptional value from reliable trusted partners," says Wescom Resources Group President, Tim Dolan. "The credit unions benefit because they leverage the staffing, know-how, and resources of a $2.4 billion credit union at a fraction of the cost of doing those on their own."

"We see this partnership as a fantastic opportunity for credit unions to employ the most advanced technology products and services from both companies to increase the value of their institutions," says Corelation President, Theresa Benavidez. "Wescom Resources Group has a long-standing reputation within the industry of providing nothing but the best technology services to credit unions and backed by one of the most forward-thinking credit unions in the nation, Wescom Credit Union. We look forward to working together and providing our creditit union clients with their proven products - which certainly enhances KeyStone's draw, as well." 

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