DailyWorth and Mint team up

Source: DailyWorth

Starting today, DailyWorth, the top online financial resource designed to help women master their money and build their net worth, will be helping kick start readers' monetary momentum through a new relationship with Mint.com, the leading online personal financial management website.

In addition to bringing DailyWorth's captive audience of wealth-building women to Mint.com, three new exclusive projects will ensure that readers will be able to experience the best of both worlds -- DailyWorth's premier financial advice and access to the most robust financial services available through Mint.com.

"Our mission is to empower women to build net worth -- real savings and security," said Amanda Steinberg, CEO of DailyWorth. "This is crucial for everyone, but particularly women, who lag behind in earning power and overall lifetime savings. Mint.com is the best tool available for helping women make substantive financial progress for the long-term, and we're excited to be teamed up in this effort."

Mint.com currently has nearly 8 million users and is tracking nearly $1 trillion in transactions. And more than 90% of its users say they have changed their financial habits as a result of using the service. Starting immediately, DailyWorth readers can harness the power of Mint.com, and get real-time demonstrations of how to take control of their financial lives with these three new programs:

-- It's An Emergency! Savings Challenge -- 64% of Americans -- a whopping 192 million people -- don't have money set aside for an emergency. As little as $1,000 could mean the difference between security and vulnerability. Starting now through April 16, DailyWorth is running the "It's an Emergency!" Savings Challenge. This 90-day challenge will empower women to save toward their emergency funds, and they'll be encouraged to track progress on Mint.com. Readers can also enter for a chance to get their savings doubled (three winners will be chosen). For additional information and how to enter, visit http://dailyworth.com/emergency .

-- The Money Fix --DailyWorth's proprietary editorial series, "The Money Fix, Season 3," pairs four DailyWorth readers with national money experts-- Jean Chatzky, Kimberly Palmer, Liz Pulliam Weston and Donna Freedman--to work toward their financial goals. Starting March 6, "The Money Fix's" participants will enact their action plan using the tools available on Mint.com and begin their journey to financial freedom.

-- The Mini Fix -- To maximize women's opportunities for success throughout these initiatives, DailyWorth, with Mint.com, has developed a series of three free webinars to help readers fully grasp the power of Mint's tools and features, and use them to better achieve their own goals in both the "It's An Emergency!" program and "The Money Fix." More information can be found at http://dailyworth.com/mini-fix .

DailyWorth's vibrant community of wealth-building women already includes more than 250,000 engaged and active subscribers. Adding Mint.com to the picture, with its award-winning money management tools and methods, will empower current and future readers with the right resources to translate their newfound money skills into bona fide net worth. 

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