Panopticon upgrades visual data analysis software

Source: Panopticon Software

Panopticon Software the leading provider of visual data analysis software for real-time, CEP and historical time series data, today announced that its new 5.9 release includes a new data connector for Oracle Complex Event Processing (CEP).

This allows Oracle customers to utilize Panopticon's interactive dashboards as the user interface for their CEP-enabled analytical solutions. The announcement comes on the heels of an integrated demonstration that was showcased at Oracle OpenWorld in October. At the event, Oracle and Deloitte gave conference attendees a preview of the combined system's real-time risk management analytics capabilities.

Oracle CEP, coupled with Oracle Coherence, has the ability to process multiple event streams, including market data, to detect patterns and trends in real time. It provides traders and managers with the visibility they need to capitalize on emerging opportunities or react to prospective risks. Oracle CEP helps people make decisions based on large amounts of rapidly-changing data and has applications in financial services, telecoms, utilities, retail, and energy.

Panopticon's unique data visualization software incorporates StreamCube, a real-time OLAP data model that allows it to support visual analysis of time-series data and real-time streaming feeds emanating from Oracle CEP. By connecting and federating data from real-time streaming data sources, traditional data warehouses and tick databases, Panopticon enables its customers to interact with all of the relevant information in their data environments. In addition, Panopticon's data visualizations are designed to allow business users to rapidly understand and interpret the output of Oracle CEP and quickly make informed and insightful decisions.

According to Chris Elsmore, Senior Vice President for Panopticon, "Sophisticated visualization with a real-time capability has emerged as the next frontier in CEP as it provides business stakeholders direct insight into data and processes. The combined value proposition is resonating well with our capital markets customers who want to combine the speed and flexibility of Oracle CEP with Panopticon's visual data analysis capabilities. We are pleased to have the opportunity to work with Oracle, a company that has clearly positioned itself as a category leader in the rapidly evolving CEP sector."

All of Panopticon's products, including the EX enterprise application, the Developer SDK for .NET and Java environments, and the Panopticon Rapid Development Kit, support Oracle CEP.
Panopticon is a Silver level member of Oracle Partner Network. 

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