TMX Group expands co-location facility

Source: TMX Group

TMX Group today announced that phase four of its co-location facility will open in Q2 2012. Strong demand for co-location with TMX Group, as well as rapid adoption of prior phases, has advanced implementation of phase four.

"Interest in co-locating at TMX Group has increased as our client community has broadened to include buy-side participants, technology vendors, application service providers and financial networks," said Eric Sinclair, President, TMX Datalinx and Group Head of Information Services.

TMX Group co-located clients receive the benefits of low-latency access to Toronto Stock Exchange, TSX Venture Exchange, Montreal Exchange, and TMX Select trading engines and market data feeds. This gives clients low-latency access to approximately 71% of Canadian equity liquidity and 100% of Canadian derivative exchange liquidity.

TMX Group also announced several product enhancements that will benefit clients: upgraded electrical systems, improved availability, extended access hours, expanded security presence and improved operational procedures. These improvements enhance TMX co-location's unique position as the only co- location facility in Canada built and operated exclusively for capital markets. Being located outside of the downtown Toronto core is a key benefit of this facility, which provides multiple advantages including accessing multiple electrical power grids.

TMX Group's exchange-grade space was built to meet the growing domestic and international demand for exchange co-location. The product is available to market participants as well as firms providing technology and network services to market participants. In addition to low-latency access to the TMX Group equity and derivative exchanges, customers benefit from access to regional and international marketplaces, on-site financial technology service providers, and easy access to many global financial network services providers.

"Phase four of TMX co-location is a seamless expansion of our phase three facility and allowsmore clients to join, contribute to, and benefit from the growing community there," said Brenda Hoffman, SeniorVice President and Group Head of Information Technology, TMX Group. 

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