BBVA revamps shareholder and investor site

Source: BBVA

BBVA has revamped its shareholder and investor website, adding more information, new services and design innovations, leveraging cutting-edge technology intended to enable easier browsing.

The website is available in Spanish and English and can be accessed from any computer, mobile device or tablet.

The graphic design of BBVA's new shareholder and investor website is simple. It builds from the Bank's corporate identity and can be accessed from any computer, mobile device or tablet (i.e., it is iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry friendly). The new platform marks a step forward in terms of BBVA's transparency commitment, providing access to substantially more financial information while enhancing accessibility and facilitating the browsing experience.

In addition to bolstering content, the new website includes two new tabs devoted to fixed income investments and the sustainability effort. The section earmarked for minority investors, which own roughly half of the Bank's shares, has been notably beefed up. The new sustainability section provides information of the principles of socially responsible investing, yardsticks by which BBVA emerges as one of the most compelling investment alternatives.

Another significant improvement is the new list of frequently-asked shareholder and investor questions, grouped by category and target audience. The new platform also comes with a host of new services, including a comprehensive glossary of financial terms endorsed by the SEC and a Google-powered search engine.

The new version of the website substantially improves digitalization in a bid to tailor content to the channel and make access to information broader and more user-friendly. For example, browsers will find online versions of BBVA's annual and financial reports. They will also be able to use the share price chart provided to compare the bank's real-time share price with those of its closest peers, to download historical information and to see how the share price is performing in all three markets where it is listed (Spain, Mexico and the US).

The new platform also fosters interactivity via links to BBVA's pages on the various social networks (Twitter, Linked-In, Facebook, YouTube and as well as to other Group websites such as the Pressroom. Another valuable addition is a list of the professionals at BBVA with responsibility for the various classes of investors and shareholders, along with their contact details.

BBVA's shareholder and investor website receives over 400,000 visits each year. As always, interested parties can use the website to connect up to the annual results presentation, scheduled for February 2. BBVA is the only Ibex-35 stock to offer the possibility of following the results presentation live from a smartphone. 

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