Harland reports four more bank signings for PhoenixEFE

Source: Harland Financial Solutions

Harland Financial Solutions announced that its PhoenixEFE® enterprise solution has been selected by AB&T National Bank, BusinessFirst Bank, Citizens Savings & Loan and Pentucket Bank.

PhoenixEFE is an integrated enterprise software platform that brings together Harland Financial Solutions' real-time core processing solution with the company's market-leading specialized applications. Its capabilities span the functions of the financial institution's entire enterprise.
In addition to PhoenixEFE Core, the banks have purchased additional integrated products; among them are those providing self-service, enterprise content management, business intelligence, compliant loan documents, commercial lending and risk management.

AB&T National Bank ($150M), based in Albany, Georgia, is a current user of Harland Financial Solutions' LaserPro® for compliant loan documents and DepositPro® for account opening, as well as a Harland Clarke checks client. The institution has licensed PhoenixEFE Core along with ActiveView® Content Management, ActiveView Item Processing and more.

"Vendor management is becoming more complex. Working with a single trusted partner like Harland Financial Solutions across a multitude of systems eases that burden on our staff," said Ed Haggerty, senior vice president, senior operations officer for AB&T Bank. "In terms of PhoenixEFE and its integrated solutions, we envision increased efficiency in our lending operations via its end-to-end lending functionality. The solution's ease-of-use and support for relationship banking will facilitate our front-line staff to be able to focus more time on serving the needs of our customers."

BusinessFirst Bank ($680M), based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is also an existing user of LaserPro who made the move to PhoenixEFE Core. In addition to renewing its agreement for LaserPro, the bank also purchased ActiveView Content Management, ActiveView Item Processing, CreditQuest® for commercial credit risk management and Electronic Funds Transfer.

"PhoenixEFE and its integration with our other solutions from Harland Financial Solutions will play an integral role in helping us execute on our objectives for commercial loan growth, increased efficiencies in serving customers, and the ability to perform more in-depth analyses of our business activities, which will ultimately help us perform better," said Robert Bond, executive vice president and COO for BusinessFirst Bank.

Citizens Savings & Loan ($200M), based in Leavenworth, Kansas, a current user of Harland Financial Solutions' E3® for mortgage loan origination, has purchased PhoenixEFE Core. Additionally, the bank licensed Cavion® for self-service solutions, ActiveView Content Management, ActiveView Item Processing, LaserPro and DepositPro.

"PhoenixEFE is strong in two of our primary areas of focus: building relationships and operational efficiency," said Ron Romig, president and CEO of Citizens Savings & Loan. "With its integration capabilities, PhoenixEFE is a comprehensive solution that will help us eliminate such things as duplicate entry and will provide us easier access to all of our bank's information from one place. Further, the single relationship view in PhoenixEFE aligns very well with our customer-driven focus."

Pentucket Bank ($600M), based in Haverhill, Massachusetts, has licensed PhoenixEFE Core, Touché® Analyzer for business intelligence and CreditQuest.

"We welcome these banks as working examples of our extended financial enterprise vision. From reducing the number of solution providers each must manage, to expanding commercial lending opportunities, streamlining operations, easing teller and platform staff duties and providing best-of-breed self-service solutions for end-users, PhoenixEFE and its specialized solutions deliver on all fronts," said Scott Hansen, executive vice president of business development with Harland Financial Solutions. "We look forward to partnering with these institutions for years to come."

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