Payfirma upgrades m-payments app

Source: Payfirma

Payfirma, the leader of mobile payments for businesses in Canada, announces the availability of the next version of its mobile payment app.

The updated app brings a host of new features that make accepting credit cards on iPhones and iPads faster and easier than ever before. The app also boasts a sleeker design that doubles the speed to make transactions.

Created in collaboration with merchants, the focus of this release is on user efficiency, location awareness, and real-time information. Businesses can now access real-time transaction reporting with daily, weekly, and month-to-date sales keeping merchants on top of their business. Each transaction is tagged with the location of the sale, so merchants and their customers can see their transactions on a map, right on their mobile device. This gives small businesses a new set of business intelligence to improve their sales and also increase security.

Payfirma also updated the app to support multiple languages, starting with French. If the operating language is set to French on an iPhone or iPad, Payfirma's app will be automatically rendered in French. This makes the app easier for the French Canadian market and also prepares the app for international expansion.

Research and development has already begun the next version to support the emerging NFC standards and the EMV payments standard, which is popular in Canada and European markets. 

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