eSecLending partners ISS for proxy voting application

Source: eSecLending

eSecLending, a leading global securities lending agent, announced today that it has launched a new service called ProxyValue™, designed to help institutional investors maximize income generated from the lending of securities while ensuring proxy voting fiduciary duties are met.

When participating in securities lending, institutional investors often find it challenging to effectively manage the dual objectives of revenue generation and corporate governance responsibility. ProxyValue™ applies securities lending performance information to proxy voting management, bringing clarity, discipline and simplicity to the process.

Peter Bassler, Managing Director for eSecLending states, "ProxyValue™ continues our commitment to leadership and innovation in the industry. We are excited to work with ISS to deliver a creative solution that will help institutional investors make well informed corporate governance decisions. By providing the tools to evaluate the revenue considerations of recalling shares, ProxyValue™ will bridge the gap between institutional investors' corporate governance and securities lending strategies."

Matthew Newman, Vice President for ISS explains, "Our clients are continuously seeking ways to efficiently and effectively execute on their proxy voting responsibilities while also maximizing incremental revenue opportunities. ISS is pleased to partner with eSecLending in their goal to help institutions evaluate the economic and fiduciary impact of recalling shares."

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